Your Child's Cognitive Development

*Basic skills such as counting and color and shape recognition are introduced and reinforced through everyday interactions and play.

*Children have many opportunities throughout the day to recognize patterns, sort and categorize like items, figure out what objects do and how things go together, and test out new ideas to solve problems.

*Children are introduced to words and phrases in Spanish and sign language.

*Children engage in activities that involve all of their senses.  They explore new concepts through a variety of active and engaging experiences.

Your Child's Language and Early Literacy Development

*Daily book reading is an essential part of our curriculum.  Children are read to during circle time, in small groups, and individually throughout the day.  Children are given the opportunity to explore print materials on their own throughout the day.

*Singing songs and learning new rhymes and fingerplays contributes to children's language and literacy development.

Your Child's Social and Emotional Development

*Children between two and three-years are gaining independence and we focus on helping them master important self-help skills including potty training, self-feeding, and dressing.

*As children are beginning to understand their emotions we teach them appropriate ways to express their emotions and play cooperatively with others.

*We give children choices and support their developing skills.

Your Child's Physical Development

*We provide space and opportunity for your child to practice their growing physical skills through play both indoors and outdoors.  Children also engage in fine motor activities with opportunities to pinch, pull, twist, scribble, and strengthen their small muscles which is essential for later writing

Building Blocks Child Care Center's Discovery Zone is a beginning preschool program for two and three-year-olds. Our curriculum in this classroom is based on the idea that these children are naturally motivated to explore their environment and are active learners. We focus on the development of the whole child as we provide a safe, engaging environment and developmentally appropriate activities and experiences for these early preschoolers.

Building Blocks Child Care Center & Preschool

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