Building Blocks Child Care Center & Preschool

Our preschool curriculum identifies specific experiences, skills, and knowledge that should be offered to all children to provide the necessary foundation for future learning.  We understand that all children learn in different ways and at different rates.  Children are not taught content exclusively through rote learning, isolated drill, or worksheets. Children learn best when they are actively involved in learning experiences.  We present information to children through a variety of methods and provide children with plenty of time to explore and discover on their own.


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Each classroom's daily routine varies but includes:

*Circle Time

*Large group activities

​*Small group activities

*Individual work

*Work centers (small groups play and teacher directed activities focused on games and exploration in alphabet, math writing, art, computer, and fine motor centers)

*Play centers

*Music and movement

​*Outside play

​*Gross motor activities

Our curriculum and daily activities and experiences address all facets of early childhood development, including:

Approaches to Learning

  We provide activities and experiences to foster a child's initiative and curiosity.  We help them develop the persistence and attention to be successful in school.

Creative Arts 

 Children are given the opportunity for creative expression in music, creative movement, art and drama through experiences in creative arts.

Language Development

 Through songs, stories, storytelling and conversations we help children develop their receptive and expressive language.

Literacy Knowledge and Skills

 Children will gain the foundation for reading and writing as they develop print concepts and conventions, alphabetical skills, phonological awareness and early writing skills.

Mathematical & Science Knowledge and Skills

 Through everyday activities children gain the early math and science knowledge, interest and skills that children need to be successful in school.

Physical Development

  Children have many opportunities for gross and fine motor development to build their growing skills.

Social & Emotional Development

 At Building Blocks we help children develop healthy social relationships, a positive self-concept, the ability to self-regulate, and to develop emotional health.

Social Studies Knowledge & Skills

 Children will learn about the people, community and environment that make up their world.