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  Our Infant curriculum promotes the development of      the whole child.  We provide an environment and the    experiences that address the physical, social,                emotional, and cognitive development of each infant.    We know that development occurs in predictable         patterns, but that each infant meets developmental     milestones at his or her own rate. Our teachers   observe infants and provide experiences and activities   that help meet each infant's individual needs.

 Daily Routine

We follow each individual infant's routine for feeding and sleeping.

Feeding:  Parents provide bottles of formula or breastmilk, cereal and baby food as needed for your child. When your child is ready for table food, BBCCC provides a cold breakfast, a morning and afternoon snack and milk for lunch while parents provide a sack lunch.  We support  breastfeeding and moms are always welcome to come in to feed your baby.

Sleeping:  Parents provide a pack-and-play crib for napping.  We follow Safe Sleep Guidelines of the NICHD for SIDS prevention.

Diapering:  Parents provide diapers and diaper cream and/or powder for your child.  Once a month we ask parent to bring in two diaper wipe refills and one box of Kellnex.

Your Infant's Physical Development

Infants are involved in active physical play throughout the day. Young infants are provided with daily supervised tummy time.  As infants grow they are encouraged to roll over, sit up, crawl, and walk as they practice their developing motor skills.

Your Infant's Social & Emotional Development

The positive daily interactions your infant has with loving caregivers helps her build a sense of trust and a positive sense of self as she explores her world.  Your baby will have caregivers who will know her as an individual, learn to read her cues, and respond to her needs.  She will be played with, sung to, talked to, and read to throughout the day as she is building relationships.

Your Infant's Cognitive Development

Your baby will have a variety of developmentally appropriate materials to play with and explore.  Your baby will have the opportunity to learn about cause and effect and solve problems through play.  Children are read to daily and our caregivers talk to infants throughout every routine activity of the day.

Your Infant's Language Development

Our teachers talk to and sing to the infants throughout the day describing what we are doing and naming things in the environment.  We encourage babies' language development by responding to their early vocalization.  We use infant sign language in our infant program.  Sign language allows infants to communicate what they need before they are able to talk.  Studies have found that infants who use sign language have larger verbal vocabularies at 2-years-old than their non-signing peers.